十博体育链接团队成员是聪明的, 对房地产行业充满热情的好奇的人们. We embrace change and innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to challenge each other every day. We’re looking for creative thinkers who are never satisfied with the status quo and want to be a part of projects that greatly impact communities around the world.

每年, team members from across the country gather for several days of exploration and bonding at 十博体育链接 University, 十博体育链接公司撤退. In 2019, 十博体育链接一起在加州大学洛杉矶分校和卡尔弗城, CA进行了几天的发人深省的讨论, 案例研究, 演讲嘉宾, 房地产寻宝游戏, 和更多的!

  • 直接的责任 & 无限的晋升机会

  • 创造机会

  • 快速晋升为房地产主管

  • 50多年的成功奠定了黄金般的声誉


  • This internal network comprised of 十博体育链接 team members focuses on the advancement of corporate policies, 实习机会,, 和招聘计划. Network members meet regularly to share information and support each other’s professional development goals.

  • 十博体育链接基金会 is committed to making a meaningful 区别 in the practice and policy of affordable housing, by encouraging and facilitating the development of balanced communities. Funding is provided by 十博体育链接, team members, alumni, clients, and other interested organizations.

  • We are excited to bring our alumni together in one global network to reconnect, 合作, 并继续成长. 请加入十博体育链接 并分享你的最新成就, 参与有关房地产的专题讨论, 增加工作机会, 分享你在十博体育链接的时光.


恩典Amoh 十博体育链接

“十博体育链接 has provided me with real estate knowledge across various markets and uses and ample opportunities to learn new skills. 公司对团队成员的投入不亚于对客户的投入, 提供全面的培训和支持持续学习. It has been a pleasure to work with kind, bright, hard-working, and supportive individuals.”

Dana Schoewe 副总统

“Being part of the 十博体育链接 team has provided me with unparalleled opportunities to learn about the real estate industry, 对客户约定做出有意义的贡献, 作为一个年轻的专业人士,获得无与伦比的领导经验. I am constantly motivated by 十博体育链接’s unique group of equally analytical and caring team members.”

凯利Mangold 主要

"Working at 十博体育链接 has given me broad exposure to the real estate industry, 是一个不断学习的环境. 能和聪明人一起工作,我感到很幸运, 有才华的, and curious people who are constantly innovating and evolving the work that we do. It has been said that 十博体育链接 is the best real estate education you can get, and I agree."

德里克·怀亚特 董事总经理

“Working at 十博体育链接 has provided me with an incredible opportunity to learn about virtually all aspects of the real estate industry. 我在每个项目中都不断学习新的东西, 即使在律所工作了八年多.”


Our success as a consulting firm lies in the cultivation and growth of the “best minds in real estate.” We are proud of our commitment to support the advancement of our team members, encouraging them to break down barriers and offer new ideas to the table.

十博体育链接 consultants may follow a wide variety of specific paths over a successful long-term career based on their unique passions and abilities. We will help you discover and explore these options as you gain ever-increasing responsibility.

  • 分析师


    作为初级顾问提供市场情报, 在了解行业的同时进行数据分析和支持. 与所有团队直接合作进行研究, 准备财务和统计分析, 并协助创建报告.

  • 十博体育链接


    Gain skills conducting analysis (quantitative and qualitative) and real estate research. 协助业务发展, 参与客户会议, 并准备报告和可交付成果.

  • 高级副


    管理咨询项目, 发展知识产权措施, 管理客户关系, 准备行业报告. 你将指导、培训和管理初级团队成员.

  • 副总统


    Serve as a senior project manager, overseeing the firm’s most complex engagements. Grow yourself into an industry expert and business developer while crafting intellectual property initiatives.

  • 主要


    Act as a practice group leader or critical support for more senior leaders as you work directly with clients and potential clients. You play leadership roles tailored to your own unique abilities and firm needs.

  • 董事总经理


    作为顾问团队和公司的关键领导, you are recognized as an expert who has built track records of success in project execution, 业务发展, 和知识产权发展.

  • 培训计划
  • 伙伴计划
  • 继续教育项目
  • 员工福利

十博体育链接 will provide you with the necessary tools and skills to become a successful consultant. Training kicks-off with an orientation session: teaching you more about the firm, 提供经济和财务分析方面的基本技能培训, 概述十博体育链接的研究方法, 包括公司的政策和程序. 你会马上被分配到项目中去, using your initial assignments as opportunities to shadow peers and project managers to learn and apply the fundamentals of our methodologies and processes. More experienced team members have the opportunity to attend management training, preparing them for additional responsibility and career advancement at the firm.

十博体育链接的每个成员都有一个坚定的伙伴. 最初, these relationships are assigned by firm leadership to make sure that new team members have someone to whom they can go with questions or concerns (about the work, 公司的政策, CULTURE, 等.). 随着时间的推移, additional mentoring relationships naturally evolve as team members gravitate to each other based on similar interests and opportunities.

十博体育链接 offers a 继续教育项目 for team members to further develop their career skills and knowledge. We provide all of our team members a dedicated allowance for training resources, 阅读材料, 在线培训, 会议, 研讨会, 或相关机构开设之课程.


  • 为雇员提供免费的健康保险
  • 2 weeks paid vacation for your first year; 3 weeks per year after your first year
  • 十博体育链接办公室在圣诞节和新年期间关闭
  • 每年5天私人/病假
  • Paid Family Care and Medical Leave of Absence Bank: 1 week for each year
  • 带薪产假:长达12周的带薪休假
  • 员工援助计划
  • 年度专业发展预算


十博体育链接房地产经济学, 十博体育链接管理咨询, 十博体育链接基金顾问团队正在招聘!

If you are interested in working at 十博体育链接 but don’t see an open position listed here, we encourage you to send your resume and a brief note expressing your interest to recruiting@chkcar.com. Someone from our team will contact you should a position become available that may be suitable for your background and experience. 十博体育链接重视多元化,是一家平等就业机会雇主. 十博体育链接 is committed to creating a diverse environment and is an equal opportunity employer. 十博体育链接提供全面的薪酬和福利待遇.